Saturday, April 18, 2009


Bo, a Portugese Water Dog, has made it to the White House. He is touted as First Dog, definitely Top Dog. He is the fulfilment of a promise made by President Obama to his daughters during his long election campaign.
Australians have long referred to results of elections as 'A drover's dog could have won' (A drover's dog is a highly respected canine that moves cattle or sheep over long distances and often in harsh conditions). Bo has a pedigree that links him to the herders of the plains of central Asia around 700 BC before becoming Portuguese about 500 AD, introduced by the Visigoths, to become a herder of fish into nets.When the Portugese Water Dog Club of America was founded in 1972 only 12 of the animals were known to exist in the US.
With a breeding of a calm demeanor and a love of outdoors, Bo is sure to be a feature of White House activity.

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